John Flynn Betting: A Bespoke, Discreet Private Client Betting Service

In the past, when people thought about bookmakers, they immediately thought of some of the most dangerous elements in the society. Bookmakers were chastised for practicing their chosen profession, and many of them had to operate in the shadows as it was illegal. However, times have changed, and though they are not celebrated figures, at least bookmakers can come out of the shadows as their profession is now legal.

However, many of the bookmakers that exist these days have lost the personal touch that they used to have, and that helped to make them so famous. In addition, they have begun to adopt procedures that are similar to traditional gaming operators, which is a huge turn off to those that are used to traditional bookmakers.

Many of the services that these bookmakers have abandoned include things such as telephone betting, which has been replaced by online betting in many cases. However, there are still a number of traditional bookmakers out there, and one of them is John Flynn Betting. In this John Flynn Betting preview, we shall take a look at some of the services that the company offers its clients.

John Flynn is one of the most exclusive private client betting services you will ever find. It’s main focus is horse racing, but they do also provide more traditional betting opportunities. Compared to other bookmakers today, John Flynn betting provides its clients with a number of different services that are aimed to help them place their bets easily.

For instance, there are a number of ways that you can place your bets, including online, by telephone, and even by Skype and SMS. If you are willing to take a few more risks with your bets, then John Flynn High Stakes betting is for you. It offers some of the best odds on the market, and the best part is they accept all major currencies, including bitcoin.

Gamblers who are tired of the cold, impersonal touch that modern bookmakers have should look to John Flynn Betting for a new, more rewarding experience.

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