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Blue spring Autism also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in children can be branded by difficulties with social skills, monotonous conducts speech and nonverbal communication. Each child with blue spring autism has a distinct set of strengths and challenges. However, other children suffering from autism may require less aba therapy care. There are factors that may influence the development of autism. Most of the indicators of autism in children mostly appear by age of two to three years as we can see here. Such traits include repetitive activities, extreme resistance to changes in daily routines, unusual responses to things such as touch.
Due to their affected speech, children suffering from autism may have difficulties in language development. They may also babble with word-like sounds, or repeat what other children say. They may use the correct phrases and sentences but with an unexpressive tone of voice. Being born to older parents; low birth weight, metabolic imbalances, exposure to heavy environmental toxins and a history of viral infections are other causes of the different types of blue spring autism in children Known as “Classic Autism”, Autistic disorder causes a child to have major language delays, social-communication challenges, and an unusual lack of interests. When children suffering from this form of autism may suffer from social challenges and unusual behaviors and interests, they however do not have problems with language or intellectual disability. These symptoms may cause only social and communication challenges. Using Aba therapy, treatments of children with autism can be done by teachers or trained therapists. When some children may have mild symptoms, others may have severe symptoms, making each child who has it is unique, and therefore requiring a different kind of treatments. Aba treatments start with therapists trying to improve speech and behavior. Applied Behavior treatment is one of the treatment that is mostly used in schools and clinics to help children with autism learn positive behaviors and reduce negative ones. Floor treatment is meant to support emotional and intellectual growth by helping the child learn the skills of communication on their terms through playing. The game encourages and increases communication skills as well as adds new aspects of life. When children with autism play, they are able to express themselves They will think better and reduce stress The teach treatment is very effective This form of treatment uses symbols instead of picture cards. The patients will be able to grow and interact with others They also have to learn how to use language to communicate. You can get information on blue spring autism using information in the internet.

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